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Since 1984, Data Connection, Inc. has been meeting the connectivity installation and service needs of Texas and regions throughout the United States.

Our longevity in an ever changing industry is based upon our vision to stay abreast of new technologies as they come to fruition and continually apply our experience and superlative service to all of our offerings.

We are able to offer extended warranties and competitive advantages to our clients through our partnerships with manufacturers.  These advantages include dual warranties from Data Connection and Fortune 500 manufacturers.  We offer standard manufacturer warrantees and extended warranty options on all of our installed products.  Extended material and joint manufacturer warranties are available.

demo existing cabling

​Abandoned Cable Removal

To meet building codes, abandoned cables must be removed.  Data Connection stands ready to meet that need.  We have extensive experience in the removal and demolition of abandoned cables

Standard Lifetime Service Warranty

Data Connection issues a standard lifetime warranty on all our installation labor.  If we install it and it does not perform because of our work, we will repair it for the lifetime you use that installed product.  This is Data Connection’s assurance to our clients that we stand behind our service.

Turnkey Implementation

From design and specification to management and installation, Data Connection can handle your implementation.  

We can provide complete management of your entire communication cabling project eliminating the need for multiple project managers.


Data Connection is committed to quality cabling technologies and we remain current with emerging technologies as they develop.  We specialize in high-speed cabling networks.  We have extensive experience in all categories of network cabling including Cat. 5, 5E and 6, single- and multi-mode fiber optic cabling, telephone service from entrance to riser distribution and to the desk.  Our fiber optic expertise includes inside plant, outside plant, data center, inter- and intra-building design, installation, troubleshooting, maintaining, splicing and repair.

ISDN, T1, Voice Riser and Feeder Cabling

Data Connection's certified professionals will assess your needs and design a distribution system for all voice related circuits throughout your facility.  This includes extending local phone company circuits from the Main Point of Entrance (MPOE) to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF).  We can then distribute the PBX circuits throughout the building or campus to individual and remote Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs).


Data Connection can take a large campus environment and develop a scalable and flexible design that distributes your voice and data network, paging, security, and video/CCTV systems.  Our designs may incorporate the use of riser cabling in multi-level structures and outside plant cabling between buildings

Communications Cabling

Data Connection specializes in low voltage systems of any nature.  We can manage and provide communications connectivity for all of your system-wide needs for wiring and controlling the brains and infrastructure of your facility.  Data Connection provides a solution that simplifies projects that change, expand, upgrade, relocate or maintain your facility.

Network Cabling Design and Engineering

Data Connection can assess your needs and develop a complete network cabling design for LANS, WANS, and both inter-building and multiple building campus environments.  Future needs, current codes and international specifications are considered in every design.  We work with your information technology personnel and coordinate your project with all interested parties.  Projects ranging from small additions, upgrades to brand new facilities and office relocations all have benefitted from Data Connection’s experience and expertise.

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as built floorplan
RJ45 mod on a Category 6 cable
voice riser and feeder cabling 66 block

Business and Residential Telephone Systems

Data Connection’s installers are certified in the design and installation of telephone, voicemail, and paging systems in both commercial and residential environments.  These systems are custom tailored to the needs of each specific customer.  We maintain partnerships with telephone and Voice Over IP (VOIP) manufacturers and providers that offer turnkey telephone products and systems.  For Small Business or Home Systems, we offer the Panasonic Telephone System directly to our clients.  Call us for more details on a Panasonic Telephone System, turnkey system or service provider referral.

Network and Cable Plant Relocation Services

Data Connection’s experience in the design, scheduling, staffing, and project management for customers planning to relocate to a new facility or within an existing one allows the customer to concentrate on other important details with the relocation.  The major benefit of this service significantly reduces or eliminates network down time


Data Connection can provide a variety of documentation services including network diagrams, flow charts, written and electronic test data, floor plans, cable paths, cable inventories, and backbone diagrams.  We offer electronic format and CAD services.

Cabling System Certification

In a Data Connection implementation, every cable installed is tested, labeled, and certified as per the design specification.  This certification can also be done on existing cable plants previously installed by others.  We constantly upgrade our test equipment to allow certification at the highest current standards.  Our current test equipment includes Fluke DSP1800 and OTDR.  Additionally, Data Connection partners with Panduit and Belden on new installations and network upgrades.  Through these agreements, we can, in some cases, position our clients to take advantage of aggressive pricing from the manufacturers.  Call us today and we will assess your requirements and opportunities to best suit your needs.

System Accessories

Data Connection offers a wide variety of system accessories.  In addition to high speed UTP and fiber optic accessories, we can assist with specialized needs.  Call for quote.